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Jennifer Mathews has been optimizing websites for over 20 years starting her technical background as a front end engineer and later working in back end creating ecommerce websites. Her early years found her working in CGI and PERL connecting a AuthorizeNet credit card processing, later developing ASP that is now used with .NET platforms. Jenn now focuses on front end development and content management platforms like WordPress that are SEO friendly and easy for clients to update. Her technical knowledge has allowed her the ability to develop technical plans for complex systems around AI and Machine Learning that comply with Google’s Rankbrain and Neural Matching algorithms.

Her technical background allows Jenn to fully understand all that is required for a complete comprehensive view into search engine optimization. Jenn’s approach is a four pronged strategy:

Companies Jenn Has Worked Directly For

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Not Just SEO

It doesn’t all start and stop with SEO

Jenn spent her early years as a fine artist for a digital marketing agency in Seattle and converting her creative talents into design in the late 90s. In the early 2000’s Jenn worked as a contractor for one of the largest design firms, Publicis, as a print and user interface designer working on client projects including T-Mobile and AT&T. She has taught design classes at Bellevue Community College and keeps her talents honed by designing landing pages, and custom WordPress blogs for larger organizations.

A Background in Design

Working for a digital marketing agency in Seattle, Jenn was bit by the bug wanting to work for an agency full time.

While Jenn’s career has made a change since the early years she designs websites as a small digital marketing consultant focusing on WordPress websites for high fashion using her experience at Nordstrom to design aesthetically appealing modern, sleek experiences. Jenn works closely with a team of market research students at the University of Washington Masters in Communication and Digital Media and their professor Dr. David Evans to ensure all aspects of any design she completes is the best experience for the user.

Working with Jenn Mathews

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The Approach

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that manage clients out of large offices in New York or San Francisco, Jenn spends the time to clearly understand her clients in Seattle, their needs and goals to carefully craft a custom statement of work that is detailed with delivery expectations and no hassle clear pricing with reasonably expected completion dates that are always met as promised.

Contact Jenn today to schedule a call to learn more about her approach and see if her personality and approach fit yours.


Jenn’s Seattle SEO Clients

From Microsoft to Pella Windows and Doors, Jenn has worked with clients that are just getting started all the way up to large corporations with complex systems and multiple teams that need effective communication in order to drive SEO.