Project Description

Jenn Mathews, working as the full-time individual contributor SEO Manager at GitHub, launched a few SEO projects; the GitHub compared page is one of those projects.

The CEO of GitHub asked for a page that would rank for “GitHub vs GitLab” that would show up for searches above the competition.

Jenn Mathews managed the project from beginning to end while collaborating with teams across the organization. My process started with research. She gathered any customer data we had in our analytics platform (running SQL queries), pulled customer research performed by a third party, and conducted interviews with avid competitors’ users. In addition, Jenn performed a competitive analysis for SEO to understand the current results and how we could launch with our best foot forward.

Using the critical points found during the research and the data from the competitive analysis for SEO, she drafted a product requirements document for the teams to follow during the project. Given the high level of visibility and importance of the project, it was proven challenging to navigate all the stakeholders required and who wished to be involved in the sensitive topic of GitHub vs Gitlab into one page. Despite a few technical hiccups, the project launched promptly and with excellent collaboration that I spearheaded.

Jenn, the SEO wizard, worked her magic as our fearless leader. She’s a strategic genius, a team player extraordinaire, and one heck of a kind soul. She aligns all the stakeholders with ease, never sacrificing her kindness or commitment to get things done. She’s like a rockstar diplomat, navigating political situations and murky waters while rallying the extended project teams behind her. Honest, direct, and friendly—that’s Jenn for you. I’d jump at the chance to work with her again, and I highly recommend you do too!

Erdem Menges – Director of Product Marketing @ GitHub


The Result

The site saw a significant increase in organic search visibility and traffic. The “GitHub vs Gitlab” page successfully ranked above competitors in relevant search queries through meticulous research, collaboration with various teams, and strategic implementation of SEO tactics. This heightened visibility attracted more potential users to GitHub and further solidified its position as a leading industry authority, bolstering its reputation and credibility.

Additional Results:

  • Improved brand authority and credibility in the industry.
  • Strengthened collaboration and alignment across organizational teams.
  • Enhanced user experience through comprehensive, informative content.