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Jennifer Mathews is an author of the Search Engine Journal publication, but will also post industry updates, personal thoughts on where SEO and Digital Marketing is going on our blog here. Her updates will include some technically advanced for the seasoned SEO, but also covers basic strategies and tips with clear and easy to understand direction around SEO and digital marketing including SEM and Analytics. At time you might even find a post on WordPress strategies or design elements to look for in the years to come.

Jenn’s Articles on Search Engine Journal

Beyond Keywords: The SEO Revolution with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Explore the transformative world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as Natural Language Processing (NLP) reshapes the digital landscape. Uncover how NLP unlocks the power of conversational search, revolutionizing user experience and propelling websites to the forefront of search rankings.

Unveiling the Real Deal with SEO Conferences: Is the Investment Worth It?

Exploring the true value of SEO conferences, this inquiry questions whether the investment aligns with professional growth, considering aspects like repetitive content, networking challenges, and the need for innovative alternatives in the evolving landscape of digital marketing events. Despite reservations about traditional conferences, noteworthy exceptions in 2024 present unique perspectives, emphasizing the importance of careful evaluation for SEO professionals seeking meaningful insights and opportunities.