What does the SEOGoddess do?

Mastering Marketing Strategies for SEO and Web Product Management

Data-Driven SEO Optimization

Jenn excels in data-driven website optimization, showcasing her ability to drive tangible results for clients

Data-Driven Website Optimization Mastery

Jenn’s proficiency in leveraging data insights to optimize websites is exemplary. Through independent consulting, she applied data-driven strategies for medium to large companies, aligning efforts with business objectives. For instance, during her tenure as an SEO Manager at GitHub, she implemented technical fixes, resulting in a 30% increase in users from SEO and a 5% lift in signups. This demonstrates her ability to make informed decisions backed by data, driving tangible results for her clients and employers.

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Collaborative Brand Boosting Success

Jenn fosters cross-team collaboration, enhancing brand visibility and SEO effectiveness, driving global prioritization and efficiency.

Search Engine Marketing, Social and Display

Jenn has a remarkable track record of collaborating with various teams, such as Product Marketing, Developer Relations, and PR, to enhance brand visibility. At Groupon, she initiated tools for reporting and efficiency while forging synergies between SEO efforts and broader digital strategies. By leveraging platforms like Slack for effective communication, she facilitated seamless collaboration, resulting in a global commitment to SEO as a priority and a reduction in technical SEO issues by upwards of 30%.

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Leadership in SEO Team Management

Jenn's remote leadership drives team growth, fostering positivity and boosting organic traffic and conversion rates.

Remote Leadership Driving Growth

Jenn’s leadership skills shine through in her ability to lead and inspire remote teams. At RingCentral, she managed a remote team based in the Philippines, implementing program management methodologies to foster coaching and employee development. By prioritizing career growth among team members, she cultivated a positive working environment and drove significant improvements in organic traffic and conversion rates.

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Strategic Website Redesign and Optimization

Jenn excels in strategic website redesign, boosting brand authority and user experience through meticulous collaboration.

Strategic Website Redesign Success

Jenn has demonstrated her prowess in spearheading critical website redesign initiatives and seamlessly integrating digital content strategies with overarching business goals. For example, she led the launch of the “GitHub vs GitLab” page, driving significant organic search visibility and traffic by conducting meticulous research and collaboration. This project enhanced GitHub’s brand authority and improved user experience, showcasing Jenn’s ability to align design and SEO objectives for maximum impact.

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Innovative Use of Technology and Tools

Jenn's tech savvy drives marketing success, leveraging tools effectively for innovative strategies and tangible results.

Tech-Savvy Marketing Success

Jenn’s adeptness with a wide range of SEO tools and technologies sets her apart. From negotiating budgets for tools like Botify, SEMRush, and aHrefs to implementing technical solutions for security issues, she demonstrates a keen understanding of how technology can drive marketing success. Her ability to leverage tools effectively and her technical proficiency in areas like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript enable her to implement innovative strategies that yield tangible results.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Jenn's commitment to learning, evident in pursuing a Biology degree, showcases her adaptability and industry excellence.

Continuous Learning Drives Excellence

One of Jenn’s standout qualities is her commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Despite her extensive experience, she remains engaged in ongoing education, pursuing a Biology degree at Tacoma Community College. This dedication to personal and professional growth underscores her adaptability and willingness to evolve with industry trends and advancements, ensuring she remains at the forefront of marketing excellence.