What Does the SEOGoddess Do?

A Seattle Based Digital Marketing Consultant

Search Engine Optimization

No site is too big, too complex and no organization is too difficult.

Technical and Creative SEO

You won’t find a search engine optimizer with more experience than Jenn Mathews, the SEOGoddess. Jenn’s technical ability to work with large data complex systems coupled with her creativity and education in English for research and writing will optimize your site for today’s SEO challenges. Jenn will work within your organization to look at the big picture to devise a plan that your organization can effectively execute. Understanding synonyms and context and able to implement in ways that will get you more traffic and conversions from SEO.

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Paid Search and Digital Marketing

Standard 10% of spend fee. No hassles, no stress.

Search Engine Marketing, Social and Display

You’ve managed to get advice from your Google rep, and experts have tried to maximize your campaigns, but they just aren’t doing as well as you believe they could. Jenn has the ability to look at data, to know when to let Google automate and when to override and manage manually in order to squeeze more out of your budget, increasing click through rates and lower cost per conversions.

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Enterprise SEO Consulting

Comprehensive Executable Plan Based on Business Objectives

High Level Holistic SEO Strategy

Jenn Mathews has over 15 years experience working within larger organizations managing enterprise SEO. She has experience developing a long term strategy around foundational technical SEO work, team and tools that fit the organizations budget, growth opportunities for SEO as well as analytics and reporting for SEO.

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WordPress Website Design/Development

A simple yet sophisticated website you can update easily.

WordPress for Large Organizations

Jenn has a background in design working for some of the top firms in the world for large sophisticated campaigns. Many marketing and editorial channels within larger organizations dream of having access to a WordPress site that looks and feels like the rest of the site, but is easy for them to update.

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What is Digital Marketing?

The ways that people get their news, interact with each other, and shop for stuff has increasingly moved online. You would think that the internet has reached a saturation point, but more “constant” internet users are coming online every year.
Over the last three years, the number of constant internet users, who rely on the internet for getting their news and interacting with their friends, has increased by more than five percent.

Digital Marketing

The aim of digital marketing is to connect businesses with these kinds of internet users in the right way and at the right time. Digital marketing as such includes many different business outreach strategies that take place online: search engine optimization, paid search, email marketing campaigns, inbound marketing, and social media marketing. One thing that binds all of these different manifestations of online marketing together is great content marketing.
Taking inbound marketing as an exemplar of what makes online marketing so effective, inbound marketing is a online marketing strategy that uses content marketing and search engine optimization in order to draw customers to your business.
Inbound marketing is a newer form of online marketing that surpasses traditional outbound marketing (e.g., direct mail campaigns) insofar as content can be constantly reused and updated to attract new and old customers at their respective points in the buyer’s journey.

Paid Search Marketing

Nearly $100 billion is spent globally every year on paid search, which gives you some idea of the scope and effectiveness behind this form of online marketing.
How does paid search work, though? Search engines like Bing and Google cater to advertisers that wish to display ads on these search engines results pages, also known as SERPs. Most customers find out about local businesses through major search engines like Google; paid search is perfectly positioned as an online marketing tool to connect businesses and customers like never before.
The ROI-promoting aspect of paid search for small and medium-sized businesses is the fact that businesses don’t pay a cent until the ad is clicked on. Hence the name, paid search. Paid search is much more measurable and malleable than other forms of online marketing, and paid search is light years ahead of traditional outbound marketing in its ability to allow you to quickly change up your message to suit a new marketing direction.
Paid search is malleable in another way – paid search allows you to use text ads that display at the bottom or top of organic search results on major search engines like Google or, alternatively, paid search ads may feature on major search engines like Bing and Google as shopping ads.

WordPress Website Design

Both content marketing and responsive website design are cornerstones for online marketing because all of your efforts will be enhanced or stymied by great content and effective website design. Websites should load quickly across multiple devices but remain easily navigable on desktops and laptops.
WordPress is very ease to use for businesses as well. Because WordPress is browser-based, you’ll be able to apply updates from virtually any computer that has an internet connection. Companies also like using WordPress because it’s an autonomous interface that doesn’t require business owners and their staff learn file transfer protocol (FTP) or HTML editing.
The best part is that search engines like Google like to boost websites that are designed by WordPress because the backend code is to clean and manageable. Websites can be easily indexed by search engines, in other words.
Contact a Seattle SEO consultant like SEOGoddess in Seattle, Washington for online marketing, paid search, and WordPress website design. SEOGoddess in Seattle can help.