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SEOGoddess – Enterprise SEO Expert

Jenn’s leadership in SEO is marked by her holistic approach, predictive foresight, and innovative solutions.

She fosters team collaboration, ensuring cohesive efforts to anticipate industry shifts and optimize strategies for enduring success.

Why Hire the SEOGoddess?

  • Proven Track Record: Jenn has led SEO at large corporations, delivering consistent success and global strategies.

  • Significant Achievements: She drove GitHub’s user growth and fixed technical issues for a 30% SEO increase.

  • Expertise in Tool Implementation: Proficient in SEO tools like Botify, Brightedge, Conductor, seoClarity, SEMRush, and aHRefs.

  • Cost-saving Negotiation Skills: Saved $600k yearly through negotiations for tools that increased efficiency by 30%.

  • Collaboration and Communication Skills: Excelling in cross-team collaboration, improving SEO and website performance.

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Companies Jenn has worked for

Groupon logo - SEOGoddess Employer
Nordstrom logo - SEOGoddess Employer
ADP logo - SEOGoddess Employer
Smartsheet Logo - SEOGoddess Employer

Jenn and Martin Splitt (Google) Talk

Are SEOs and Devs from different planets?

Jenn and Martin Splitt (Google) Talk

Are SEOs and Devs from different planets?

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Who is Jenn Mathews the SEOGoddess?

Jenn Mathews, the revered SEOGoddess, boasts over two decades of enterprise SEO expertise. Renowned for her pivotal roles at GitHub, Groupon, Nordstrom, and other Fortune 500 giants, she champions SEO within large organizations. With a profound understanding of technical SEO and strategy development, Jenn is a beacon of innovation in Seattle’s dynamic SEO landscape. As a mentor and author for Search Engine Journal, she shares her invaluable insights while speaking engagements inspire audiences worldwide.

Jenn operates remotely near Seattle on Vashon Island, orchestrating SEO triumphs with finesse.

Her enduring commitment to excellence continues to reshape the standards of Seattle SEO, empowering businesses to thrive online.

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What is in-house SEO?

In-house SEO involves internal marketing teams managing daily SEO tasks. This setup employs full-time SEO professionals, like SEO Managers or Specialists, handling various aspects such as technical SEO and content optimization. With over 15 years’ experience at companies like Microsoft and Nordstrom, Jennifer Mathews highlights the complexity of navigating corporate structures and championing SEO internally. Expertise in in-house SEO demands direct, hands-on experience within organizations, distinguishing it from agency-based approaches.

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Why Hire Jenn?

  • Technical Proficiency: Handling technical SEO with experience in HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, and Python.

  • Strategic Vision: Defined global SEO strategies, securing leadership buy-in and prioritizing SEO.

  • Leadership and Management Skills: Managed cross-functional teams, showcased strategic thinking and leadership.

  • Commitment to Ethical Practices: Advocated for ethical SEO, ensuring sustainable growth and brand reputation.

  • Predictive Analytics Mastery: Utilizing predictive analytics to forecast Google’s algorithm changes, staying ahead of trends, and optimizing for future success.

Jenn is a master of all things digital. She gets paid search. She gets SEO She gets social media. And she gets how to rally organizations around executing these programs successfully. I’ve gotten to know Jenn over the years through conferences like the Search Insider Summit and have always found her POV’s insightful. I always look forward to catching up with Jenn for a little brain-pickin’ and industry gossipin’.

Aaron Goldman, 4C

Jennifer is an extremely talented individual who knows how to get the job done. She is results-driven and loves a challenge. Jennifer is a team player, and motivates others to succeed.

Holly Heath, Classmates

I have known Jen for the past few years and it has a joy and privilege to have worked with her in the past year. Jen is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. Jen is extremely knowledgeable in the pay per click campaigns, SEO & general web user experience. She has been a fantastic resource to rely on when creating & updating web pages. If you are ever needing SEO advice, contact Jen.

Michelle Fields, Burwell Enterprises

Jennifer really knows her stuff when it comes to SEO. She is very detail oriented in her analysis of ways to improve search result rankings. She produced detailed keyword analysis reports. In addition she spear headed many great projects to improve natural SEO for the site. She has a good technical grasp of web design as well which made it easier to talk with her about technical requirements and limitations on SEO projects. She is also just a lot of fun to work with.

Daniel Gardner, Disney Parks and Resorts

Jenn brought passion and energy to an area that needed, and (thanks to Jenn’s tireless efforts) got, the attention it deserved. In a short amount of time, we were able to identify the biggest issues facing our organic search efforts, prioritized them for value, and began to make sure that natural search optimization was on everyone’s radar as a critical element for our marketing efforts. Many SEO mavens know the ins and outs of making SEO work for a small company. But if you need someone with experience managing literally tens of millions of distinct URLs, you’ll quickly find out why she’s called “SEO Goddess”

Khan Klatt, McGraw Hill Education

Jennifer is by far an SEO genius. She is a great person to work with given her ability to quickly build trust and relationships. Not only did she do wonders for our previous company, but she taught me a lot in the process. I strongly recommend Jennifer for any organization of any size.

Stephanie M. Jones, Classmates

Jenn’s built Wappow into a completely unique events company around internet marketing, with a truly outstanding set of conferences and workshops. And she practices what she preaches: Jenn uses social media to continuously grow Wappow. She’s creatively built a huge following online and off. When I started attending and speaking at her small-format workshops, she had 5-8 people. Now, she has 20-30! And Wappow’s Hawaii and San Francisco conferences are some of the best educational investments I’ve made.

Ian Lurie, Portant Interactive

I worked with Jennifer and I found she was very passionate about her projects and thorough about her ideas. I would recommend her to any interested employer.

Erich Schreck, Classmates

Jennifer’s expertise in search marketing was an asset to our online marketing activities

Paul Rosien, Concur

Jenn is as good as it gets. She is incredibly organized and a superb planner. When I have worked with her, the event or project has gone as smoothly as possible, and the results were always a big win for us. Her SEO knowledge is among the top out there. When I have needed advice on SEO / Social Media, she has been quick to respond and has always given me the best advice there was for the question at hand.

Topher Kohan, CNN

Had the pleasure of working briefly in the same team as Jennifer at Classmates. I was immediately impressed by the creative solutions she proposed (she is not the kind of person who remains blocked for long and is almost never stuck in a box) and by her high standards for natural SEO. Don’t just give Jen marching orders – ask her what needs to be done.

David Evans, Microsoft

Jenn’s deep experience and practical knowledge makes her a great business partner to work with in the search space. I’ve always enjoyed her positive attitude and willingness to problem solve.

Rand Fishkin, Moz

Jennifer is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable SEO experts I have ever met. She has a great blend of skills and I would be gladly have her on my team again.

Thomas Wilson, Amazon

Jenn is passionate about all things search. She is fanatical about staying on the cutting edge of online marketing and isn’t afraid to test the bounds of traditional marketing to find innovative, cost-effective ways to get results.

Maria Colacurcio, Starbucks

Jennifer is an expert in SEO with knowledge and willingness to step outside her field to get work done, whether it be designing or developing. She challenges her colleagues to create effective campaigns through testing, rather than guessing.

Jessica Mans, Concur

Creating Wappow! Events, Jenn Mathews has woven her gift for event planning into her passion: all things social media and all things people. She spins together workshops, networking events and conferences featuring industry leaders and top-tier technology trend-setters. If you are engrossed in search marketing, emerging media technologies, or other social media as part of your profession; or you just dig it on a personal level, check-out Wappow! as your go-to resource. ~Cindy M., Community Manager

Cindy Massey

Elevating Brands Through Expert SEO Strategies

Jennifer Mathews, esteemed as SEOGoddess, spearheads SEO in Seattle. Recognized for her mastery in enterprise SEO, Jennifer collaborates closely with corporate entities to craft meticulous strategies, prioritizing SEO as a cornerstone of organizational success.

In the heart of Seattle’s tech scene, Jennifer Mathews, SEOGoddess and descendant of pioneer Thomas Mercer, epitomizes transformative SEO expertise. Jennifer’s impact resonates across esteemed institutions, from GitHub to Groupon and Nordstrom, leading SEO teams to substantial user growth and fostering enduring partnerships. Her consultancy services, tailored for Seattle’s diverse corporations like Microsoft and Linksys, elevate brands with trust and transparency.

Rooted in Seattle’s pioneering spirit, Jennifer’s journey blends heritage with innovation, mirroring the city’s dynamic tech ecosystem. At GitHub, her leadership yielded a 30% increase in SEO users, while at Groupon and Nordstrom, she championed SEO as a pivotal driver of success, renegotiating contracts and addressing technical issues.

Beyond professional endeavors, Jennifer’s lineage connects her deeply to Seattle’s history, embodying its ethos of resilience and forward-thinking entrepreneurship. As a beacon of excellence and integrity, Jennifer Mathews stands ready to propel your digital strategy to new heights. Embrace Seattle’s legacy, hire Jennifer Mathews, and unlock the full potential of your digital endeavors.

Planning Your SEO Strategy

Unlock the power of Enterprise SEO with Jenn Mathews’ guide.

Tailored for large organizations, it distills complex strategies into actionable steps aligned with the latest trends and Google updates. From technical SEO to cross-team communication, Mathews provides a roadmap for success.

Emphasizing adaptability, her guide equips marketers at all levels with practical insights to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Access the guide to elevate your organization’s SEO efforts and drive meaningful results.

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Jenn’s top Search Engine Land articles

Integrating SEO into the multichannel customer journey

Jenn Mathews unveils SEO's pivotal role in multichannel marketing success.

Integrate SEO for brand visibility and experience.

Discover how strategically integrating SEO into multichannel marketing builds brand visibility and delivers a seamless customer experience.

Dive into the transformative multichannel marketing world with Jenn Mathews’ insightful exploration of integrating SEO seamlessly across diverse platforms. Unravel the intricacies of brand visibility and customer engagement as Mathews deftly navigates the evolving landscape of consumer behavior. Her brilliance shines through practical strategies and holistic insights, illuminating the path to marketing success.

Mitigating technical SEO issues by empowering engineers

Empower engineers with SEO for transformative enterprise web development success.

Engineers are at the forefront of web development.

Here’s how their understanding of technical SEO can be transformative for an enterprise.

Delve into the transformative potential of technical SEO in enterprise settings with Jenn Mathews as your guide. Discover how empowering engineers with SEO knowledge can revolutionize web development, streamline processes, and boost organic search performance. Mathews’ insightful approach illuminates the path to digital excellence and marketing success.

Jenn’s top Search Engine Journal articles

The Top 4 Enterprise SEO Platform Tools: An In-Depth Review

Explore SEO tools' transformative power through Jenn Mathews' insightful narrative.

Enterprise SEO tools boost efficiency in managing organic search.

Using an enterprise SEO platform can increase efficiency while managing organic search. This is a list of the top enterprise SEO marketing tools.

Discover the dynamic world of SEO tools through Jenn Mathews’ insightful exploration. With vivid detail, Mathews delves into the transformative capabilities of platforms like Botify and BrightEdge, showcasing their AI-driven insights and real-time analytics. Engage with her narrative to unlock the brilliance behind SEO strategy and digital marketing innovation.

20 Things I Learned From 20 Years of Working in the SEO Industry

Mathews distills two decades of SEO wisdom, merging personal anecdotes with profound industry insights.

20 Years of SEO Wisdom

A seasoned SEO professional shares 20 of the most important lessons she has learned from two decades of experience in the industry.

Jenn Mathews’ article, “20 Things I Learned From 20 Years of Working in the SEO Industry,” blends personal experiences with profound SEO insights. Navigating algorithm shifts and gender dynamics, Mathews imparts practical wisdom gained over two decades, making it a must-read for tech enthusiasts and marketers alike.

Unlocking excellence – Jenn Mathews leads the way

Jenn Mathews’ portfolio

Consulting clients include:

American Marriage Ministries - Seattle SEO and SEM Client
Casago Logo - SEO and Engineering Client
hint Water Logo - SEO Client
Microsoft Logo - Seattle SEO Client
Pella Windows and Doors - Seattle SEO Client

Working With Seattle Companies on Their SEO and More

What makes the SEOGoddess unique?

  • Problem-solving Skills: Resolved technical SEO issues, security concerns, ensuring smooth operations.

  • Commitment to Continuous Learning: Active involvement in professional affiliations, staying updated with industry trends.

  • Strategic Planning and Documentation: Documented long-term visions, facilitating alignment and clarity.

  • Initiative and Proactivity: Initiated reporting tools, optimizing processes and workflows proactively.

  • Positive Impact on Organizational Culture: Fostered innovation and growth culture, prioritizing SEO and collaboration.

Jenn’s Linkedin


Jenn Mathews (also known as the SEOGoddess) has extensive knowledge in SEO for both technical and content.

The SEOGoddess

Jenn is able to identify complex issues that strengthen a website’s foundation for SEO and allows for growth in optimization around the latest in Google’s Rankbrain and neural matching algorithms.


Jenn will improve click through rates and cost per conversions to maximize paid search budgets.

Paid Search Optimization and Management

Jenn has maximized paid search campaigns increasing CTR and Cost Per Conversions by 3x with budgets ranging from $15k/mo to upwards of $300k per month spend.


Jenn's has streamlined the process of creating and editing WordPress websites.

WordPress Custom Setup and Basic Design

Jenn’s background in design and engineering coupled with her SEO expertise brings clients a clean, modern looking, easy to navigate website that converts customers efficiently.

Seattle roots and digital success: Jenn Mathews’ Legacy

Jenn’s roots in Washington State run deep, tracing back generations in Seattle’s storied history. Descended from pioneers Thomas Mercer and the Bagley family, who shaped the city’s narrative, Jenn carries on this legacy while retaining her maiden name from her successful Father, Jerry Mathews of Kidder Mathews, a symbol of familial pride.

Working from her home on Vashon Island, Jenn’s professional journey intertwines with Seattle’s bustling landscape. From commuting via the Washington State ferry to Groupon and Nordstrom in downtown Seattle to her role with Microsoft’s GitHub brand, she epitomizes dedication to her craft and community.

Specializing in Seattle SEO strategies, Jenn cultivates success for local businesses and corporations across the Tacoma-Seattle corridor. Her impact is tangible, transforming SEO from a modest revenue contributor to a dominant force, often exceeding 87% of total revenue. With a holistic approach encompassing paid search campaigns, analytics, and engineering team collaboration, Jenn’s influence resonates positively year after year, fueling the growth of companies fortunate enough to enlist her expertise.

Seattle SEO maven: Jenn Mathews’ Enterprise SEO journey

Jenn Mathews, the SEOGoddess, calls Seattle home, with brief stints in Silicon Valley managing’s SEO, SEM, Social, and Analytics. Her focus remains on Seattle, where she led SEO for GitHub, directed global SEO teams at Groupon, and managed Nordstrom’s SEO division.

In both GitHub and Groupon, SEO contributed over 30% to the business, yielding $1.4 billion in revenue. Commuting regularly into Seattle, Jenn operates from the bustling office on 3rd Street, shaping digital landscapes with her expertise. Her unwavering commitment to excellence defines her Seattle-based journey, propelling businesses to new heights through strategic optimization and innovative approaches.

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