How Does the SEOGoddess SEO?

Working with teams for over 20 years

Jenn Mathews has a strong history working in search engine optimization with a solid understanding in design and development that allows her to successfully work across Design, Content, Engineering, Product, Growth, and even Sales teams. Her 4 pillar approach allows Jenn to organize your company’s strategy into a series of executable tasks that coordinates with other teams driving them and the entire business to success.

In any organization Jenn enters, she evaluates the current landscape, gets to know stakeholders, and learns as much as possible to align with the organization’s business priorities. Jenn then reviews current data from analytics to testing landscapes performed by other teams. When market research has been completed, Jenn will spend time understanding the target audience and where those personas fit within the search landscape. From there, she looks at keyword data to define where each lead type is within the buyer’s journey and match that with each keyword strategy; Jenn then works with existing content to organize based on those search trends to map to the buyer’s journey and provide a flow that makes the most sense to the user. Jenn will work with the appropriate teams to fill in gaps where there are gaps or drive projects to complete the work needed. The end result is a search landscape in which there is an answer for every question in Google in which the business can hook the user in and help them decide that buying from them is the best option. Ultimately resulting in an increase in overall revenue for the business.

Jenn Mathews, the accomplished SEO Manager at GitHub, achieved remarkable success in leading the project for GitHub’s comparison page, an initiative driven by CEO Thomas Dohmke. The project involved close collaboration with diverse teams such as Product Marketing, Brand and Content, Design, Legal, Engineering, and numerous stakeholders, resulting in a streamlined project completion within an impressive timeframe of just 6 weeks. Jenn’s exceptional communication skills and efficient work style ensured project success and influenced other teams to adopt similar practices for enhanced efficiency and collaboration. Her outstanding performance garnered positive feedback from multiple stakeholders.

I worked with Jennifer at GitHub and can only speak in the highest praise of her. Her diligence and data driven approach to build out our SEO strategy was outstanding. She worked closely with my engineering team and we could learn from her in every interaction. Anybody would be fortunate to have Jennifer on the team.

Stefan Krause-Palfner, GitHub

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenn at GitHub as our SEO lead. She is an amazing team player who is thoughtful, strategic and kind with a bias towards action. She’s been amazing to partner with both at the individual level and for my team members. She’s a great communicator and can align all stakeholders on the project at hand and make sure we stay true to our commitment.
Jenn is a natural leader and she’s done a fantastic job navigating some political situations and murky waters, while moving the extended project teams with her. She is direct, honest and friendly with her approach and she doesn’t sacrifice any of her signature kindness to get things done.
I’d love to get a chance to work with Jenn again and I highly recommend working with her!

Erdem Menges, GitHub

I have been working with Jenn since I joined the Online Marketing Engineering team about 8 months ago.

She has impressed me with a strong SEO domain knowledge from her prior experience. She brought in a lot of unique perspectives and ideas to the table to tackle many fundamental SEO challenges in the company. She was instrumental in coming up with a list of SEO project ideas that later turned into the foundation of our company-wise boulder. Her inputs helped shape the SEO engineering features shipped in 2019.

I highly recommend Jenn to any team/company that wants to crack into the black magic of SEO.

Vincent Young, Meta