In the 15 plus years I have been designing websites for clients I have often found there is a slight disconnect between what they have visioned inside their head compared to what I end up designing for them in the end. To avoid the back and forth and constant iterations of the design I have developed a series of questions and many ways in which I get all of the information I need to come up with the closest rendition that my clients envision with the first draft.

Part of that questioning is to have them look through a set of color palette ideas to help them choose a color palette that appeals to them the most. The color palettes consist of hues that compliment each other well. The list of color palette ideas I have put together below all work with each other and provide enough of a difference so that no two websites end up looking alike even what I am the one designing all of them.

Take a look at the color palette that appeals to you the most and be ready to let me know which one you like the most for your website.

1 Goldfish

2 CardSocks

3 Fitzpatrick

4 Campfire

5 Aladdin

6 Chrome

7 Papua New Guinea

8 Barni

9 Instapuzzle

10 Projects

11 The Owner

12 Software

13 iGaranti

14 Vintage Romantic

15 Jackson

16 Leyendecker

17 WerkPress

18 Ailmo

19 Dark Sunset

20 Color Traffic

21 Parker

22 Barca

23 Contad

24 Magme

25 Enterprise

26 Scrollab

27 Mohi

28 Boy Coy

29 Drupalcon

30 Windows NY