SEOGoddess Works with Enterprise SEO

Working with the SEOGoddess

While Jenn is a full time employee of Github, she will accept clients on a case by case basis. With Jenn’s limited time and availability she will often bring in friends and colleagues in the industry to help her with clients. While you may be in contact with someone else, Jenn is always involved with every aspect of a client’s work.

Initiating Engagement is a Process

  1. Contact Jenn to initiate discussions
  2. Jenn follows-up with an email asking for more details.
  3. A call is scheduled to discuss your needs.
  4. Jenn and her colleagues draft up a pitch
  5. A meeting is scheduled to review the pitch
  6. If all is good, a contract or statement of work is drafted
  7. Procurement is completed between legal and finance
  8. A kickoff call is scheduled.

Once the contracts and SOWs are signed, Jenn will work with you and your team to draft up a plan that best fits your expectations. Whether you are looking for consulting to refine your organization’s attack on SEO to building a team or you have a need to tackle the foundational technical work that is important Jenn will work closely with you and bring her knowledge and experience that will drive your SEO to success.

I'm Ready to Connect with Jenn!