SEOGoddess Works with Enterprise SEO

Working with the SEOGoddess

While Jenn is no longer with Github, she is still a full-time employee and is not accepting clients. If you need consulting services, she will consider taking on a client on a case by case basis only, and will often bring in friends and colleagues in the industry to assist.

Initiating Engagement is a Process

  1. Contact Jenn on LinkedIn to initiate discussions
  2. Jenn send you a link to her email asking for more details
  3. A call is scheduled to discuss your needs
  4. Jenn and her colleagues draft up a pitch
  5. A meeting is scheduled to review the pitch
  6. If all is good, a contract or statement of work is drafted
  7. Procurement is completed between legal and finance
  8. A kickoff call is scheduled.


When the contracts and SOWs are signed, Jenn will work with you and your team to draft up a plan that best fits your expectations. In the agreed upon time, Jenn will schedule a follow-up meeting to go over your plan and recommendations and provide any support needed going forward.