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The Difference Between Enterprise and In-House SEO

In-house SEO is typically referred to when talking about an SEO that is hired by a company to work full time as their SEO Manager (or, in some cases, Director of SEO or SEO Specialist). If an agency or consultant claims they are an expert in in-house SEO but has not, and does not, work for a company full-time then they are more than likely using the term or title to capitalize on the term. The knowledge and experience to be successful within an organization as an SEO is so much more complex that any agency or consultant could understand.

Jennifer Mathews has worked as an in-house SEO since 2004 when she made the jump from agency to’s SEO Manager. It was a big adjustment that took over a year to understand how to navigate the red tape of corporate bureaucracy, the importance of building relationships with key stakeholders and reporting on what defines SEO within the org as a success. After over 15 years of navigating several different organizations from startups, medium sized companies all the way up to larger fortune 500 companies. The larger the organization, the more complex it is to navigate, and Jenn has a complete understand and experience working within these orgs.

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