Project Description

Business Solutions Platform

WordPress Website and SEO – 2014

The Business Solutions Platform team reached out to me to help them get rankings for the Clover credit processing system they sold to businesses all over the country. They had a website developed but it was outdated and there was limited traffic, and zero conversions, from SEO. Jenn completed a keyword and competitive analysis for the site to find that key terms were bucketed into two separate categories:

  1. Retail
  2. Restaurant

Each category had a completely different set of terms around “point of sale” so Jenn set up a strategy to optimize for each audience separately, breaking the new website out into almost two separate experiences based on the user’s type of business. The Retail side of the website has a similar navigation but different voice and focus on optimization for SEO as the Restaurant side.

Call To Actions

The site being a lead generation website for the sales staff to pick up and close sales from there are different call to actions on each page as well as clear value propositions. Each stage of the buying cycle is considered from research to decision making all the way to purchase commitment. The first few pages from the homepage answer questions based on the keywords found in the keyword analysis, and understanding the questions asked to the sales staff during initial engagement. Steps through past the research phase pages offer more aggressive call to actions that message lightly such as “schedule a no hassle consultation” or “Got questions, we’ve got answers – no commitment necessary” followed with easy to fill out contact form with name, email and phone number followed by a drop down with possible questions to ask. At the tail end of the process the call to actions simply say “contact me now” with name, email and phone number with submit button. The contact form responses send to the sales team in email with a copy text to their cell phones so they can follow-up quickly while the lead is hot.

The Back-end

Reporting was set up for the Business Solutions Platform website that nurtures each lead accordingly. The top of the sales funnel inquiries were set up with a series of questions and answer emails, as well as emails addressing common pain points that business owners might face with other solutions that Clover could solve. As the customer flows down the line, they are scored with higher points based on their activity which is passed to the sales person. Each salesperson then can see what articles, emails, and pages of the website the customer has looked at to best message to them and speak to their interest during the sales process.

Sales Efficiency Saving the Company Money

In the end, the process the website and back-end nurturing program provided sped up the sales process, and allowed the sales team to focus their time and energy on customers that were easier to close. In the long run, the money they spent on their new website and SEO saved them a lot of money and increased sales.