Project Description

hint Water

SEO and WordPress Blog – 2014

CEO Kara Goldin asked Jenn to perform an SEO Audit, which Jenn completed in one month complete with list of issues found along with actions to be taken to rectify along with growth opportunities. Later the team at hint reached out to Jenn to sign an ongoing monthly consulting contract. During the year that Jenn managed the hint website’s SEO she developed and designed a custom WordPress website under a subdirectory rather than a subdomain by setting an Apache proxy.

The engineering team was a bit confused as to how to set the rewrite, but with some hand holding and the assistance of Jenn’s former colleague the proxy was set, and the blog was completed. Jenn was able to pull from the blog’s old database and import past blog posts into the new blog fairly easily as well as pull old images via ftp and import into the new WordPress blog.

For more information on how a blog can be moved to a subdirectory from a subdomain visit Jenn’s blog post: Domain, Subdomain and Subdirectory for SEO