Project Description

Thos. Baker

Business Analysis – 2015

The Seattle company, based on Bainbridge Island is producer of outdoor furniture. Thos. Baker’s COO was struggling with the ROI numbers year over year for the company’s Digital Marketing as a whole compare to revenue generated from their Catalogs. The question “Why is our digital strategy not showing an increase in revenue year over year?” was asked and Jenn was immediately intrigued and excited to take on the challenge to answer it.

The work for Thos. Baker was completed in three steps:

  1. Analysis – look at the numbers for the business
  2. Evaluation – evaluate how those numbers are pulled and source of income
  3. Strategy – develop a strategy for the future to grow the business

The engagement with Thos. Baker lasted one month.

Analysis – Reporting

Jenn pulled reports from Google Analytics as well as internal reporting provided by the team at Thos. Baker. Jenn frequented the offices in Bainbridge Island to work closely with the team and be able to get answers to questions she had during the initial process. She was able to pull complete view of where sales are coming from and identify where issues might be with the company’s reporting.

Return on Investment for SEO

In addition to the reporting, Jenn was asked to review Thos. Baker’s SEO. If she were to see any recommendations she might have, she would present them. Jernn pulled her usual keyword analysis and identified what terms were missing from the current impressions that Google reported as estimated impressions.

This was a very unique situation since Jenn doesn’t usually look at a business as a whole, but has an extensive background in growing startups and small businesses into very profitable companies through SEO and other channels.