Project Description

MTI Instruments

WordPress Website and SEO – 2017

A well known SEO consultant needed help with migrating a client’s website from a custom built, out of date, data driven website that was connected to their proprietary product order processing system. Jenn was provided access to the SQL database which she parsed into importable xml files for WordPress. The pages and content were generated based on all products, learning resources and downloadable documents with a design that was updated.

Some issues for SEO were picked up on while developing the site to which Jenn quickly brought it to the client’s attention and fixed. The site was launched optimized for searches around the downloadable brochures and product instructions, product searches, and anyone searching for general machine measurement products.

Before the site had all the functionality the client needed, but asking for changes and updates were time consuming and difficult.

The look and functionality of the website is the same, but now the client has the ability to edit on their own and updates for SEO and other changes can be made quickly.

The content for the old site was accessed through a content management system and exported to multiple csv files. Download files for the client were accessed by manually downloading individually and then uploading to WordPress in bulk. Image files were easily accessed via FTP.

The data from the CSV files downloaded were consolidated into an Excel document.

The xml code for the import file was parsed out into Excel and then concatenated with the data to create a complete xml import.

The concatenated code was then copied and pasted into the xml import document for WordPress