Unlike many marketing and consulting firms, Jenn Mathews Marketing Consulting firm is comprised of professionals with both agency and client backgrounds and experience with small to medium sized businesses, and as a part of a team in multi-million dollar corporations. Not matter what the size of your budget, your corporate structure, or relationship with your current agency or consultants, Jenn Mathews and her team will work with everyone involved to ensure that your marketing, business, and finances are working in harmony.

No Youngins Here

While the need to market online and evaluate your business together is a new concept to most, our team consists of a combined industry knowledge of experts with over 20 years of experience. Each client review undergoes a diligent process with Jenn Mathews herself, which allows us to bring you the freshest of perspectives with an experienced eye.

Bottom Line

Jenn Mathews is an experienced professional who bringing creative, compelling approaches in order to reach critical business goals.

Jenn Mathews

CEO, co-founder and Consultant

SEO Manager

Former SEO, SEM, Social, Affiliate Manager

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