WordPress Websites for Your Small-to-Medium Business in Redmond

At Jenn Mathews, our goal is to help you get the attention of customers in and around the Greater Seattle Area, including Redmond, home to an assortment of larger companies. We’re an online marketing agency dedicated to helping you compete with larger companies in Redmond including Microsoft while working within your available budget. Your new WordPress website will be professionally designed and thoroughly customized to meet your specific needs.

Our services include:

• WordPress installation
• WordPress setup
• Technical support
• Custom WordPress development
• Complete online marketing packages

In this internet age, your website can be seen as the lobby of a brick and mortar company. It is the first impression that visitors get of your business. When done right, it is also a lot more than this. Your business website will be your 24 hour salesman that will be converting visitors into leads or sales depending on what you want your website set up to accomplish. At Jenn Mathews Consulting our developers and designers have the knowledge and experience to create a website for your small or medium-sized business that will be unique and effective. Your business in Redmond or Seattle may not be as big as Microsoft or Nintendo, but thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can have a website that makes it look as big as it will be someday with us along for the ride as your website creation and marketing partner.

Complete Website Design and Installation Services

We can develop a top quality standalone website for your business, but our most popular package of services is for a WordPress website design and installation. WordPress has been around for over 10 years, so you know it, and consequently your website set up on it, won’t be disappearing overnight as sometimes happens if the hosting company fails. WordPress websites are also easy to edit, and this is important because there will always be changes in business. You may add new products or services or change prices, and the website needs to be updated to reflect this. It also enables us to provide you with maximum design flexibility with thousands of professionally designed templates. Additionally, the design pros at SEOGoddess can custom design a template for you if you have a design in mind or want us to come up with one for you to host on WordPress or wherever you wish. Our website designs are all mobile-friendly as well. This is very important as more people are using their smartphones or tablets to access the internet for information or to engage in e-commerce every year.

We Don’t Hand You a Website and Then Leave You Adrift on the Internet

Your own website created to your desires is only the first step. In the case of a WordPress website being set up for you, we walk you through how to edit it yourself, so you are not having to shell out more money every time you need to make a simple change. This includes a full day workshop until you are satisfied that you know how to do this. We offer excellent support and answer your calls and emails promptly. Having a website and knowing how to edit it still won’t get anyone to your site. This is why we offer complete online marketing packages as well. Your success is our success because only by your website attracting visitors and then converting them into clients or customers do you have a positive experience and grow our business by word of mouth. We do a good job for every client because we know it is in both our interests.

An Impressive Package of Services for One Low Price

If you are running a small business here in Redmond or Seattle, you have to watch your bottom line. That is why SEOGoddess offers an extremely affordable package of services that will grow your business online. These services include:

  • Setting you up on WordPress
  • Installing the Avada theme for you. This is the most popular website theme as it is very versatile and responsive.
  • Your website being search engine optimized by our CEO Jenn Mathews who is also known as the SEOGoddess.
  • Constructing and uploading your home page and four additional pages as part of this package.
  • Linking your Facebook page to your blog.
  • Setting up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, so you have the information you need at your fingertips to make your website as effective as possible.
  • One free pass for revisions.
  • A Free pass to our SEO workshop and a walk through on how to edit your WordPress website

You get all of this and more for only $1500. This is an incredible deal that you will not find anywhere else. You can, of course, have us do more for you for a little more money, but the vast majority of businesses will be fully satisfied with this thorough package of services for this low price. We realize that you are trying to grow your business as big as possible, but we also know you may not be there yet, so we offer this package to make it financially easy for you to get setup for success online. As a premiere online marketing agency in the Seattle and Redmond areas, SEOGoddess will be your partner in the digital age to help you get those clients and customers knocking down your door to buy what you have to offer. Please call or email today, so you can see what we can do for you.