When you are trying to expand your business through online marketing, social media is something you can’t afford to miss out. The three most common social media websites today are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. All of these websites offer some form of platform searching, which can provide vital insight into connecting with your current customers and grabbing the attention of potential future clients.

Pinterest contains a fantastic search option which can really boost the business you receive if you use it to your advantage. By searching for the specific goods or services your business offers, you can get a look into who your competition is and what people are looking for. If your business is a less common niche, creating a page for your business would be a great decision. This would essentially mean that you would become one of the only providers of what people are searching for on Pinterest.

After you create a Pinterest account, you should focus on building up a steady amount of followers. Encouraging the users to share your content with their friends is a tried and true way to do this. Sharing quality pictures of your products and promotional posters has also been proven to greatly increase the number of followers you will get. Not only does this provide you with an amazing marketing opportunity, but you can also use the website as a catalog of sorts for your business.

Twitter is another fantastic resource in social media marketing. This website will do most of the work for you, as you simply fill out a few questions about your business, and Twitter will do most of the work for you. It will automatically find users with interests similar to your business. Also, if you are locally owned, it also offers location based advertising which makes it fantastic for specific locations.

Platform searching is also available on Twitter. It works much the same as the previously stated method used by Pinterest except for one key fact; it has a great “hashtag” system. This allows you to tag certain keywords in the caption of your post, which makes it visible to anyone who is searching for that specific word. For example: if you were a local florist in Atlanta, even simply adding “#florist #atlanta” at the end of your posts could effortlessly increase the amount of business you receive.

Facebook is the giant in social media that cannot be ignored, especially in the digital marketing sector. More people use Facebook more often than Twitter and Pinterest combined. The potential client outreach is incredible with this website and it should absolutely be utilized by every business looking towards online marketing.

Setting up an account for your business with Facebook takes only a few minutes and can really benefit your search and social marketing. The easy to use interface allows you to share all your essential business information with those that liked your page or looked you up. Regularly updating your account with the latest deals offered by your company is a great digital marketing strategy, as a large percent of Facebook users check their account on a daily basis.

Facebook also offers an integrated advertising system. The system works by allowing you to select the number of ads you want based on a pay scale. After the quantity is selected, the ads are then sent out to users who have shown interest in similar goods or services. The advertisements appear on the News Feed of the users, which is the most viewed page on Facebook. You can have what is arguably the best online advertising using Facebook, all with high convenience and low cost.

Overall, search and social marketing is something that cannot be ignored by the marketing industry. Everything from platform searches into businesses you are competing against to advanced advertisement integration make Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook the three kings of digital marketing. Strategic use of these three websites could prove to be the most profitable advertisement investments your business could make.

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