It has been two years since the GitHub Compared Project was finalized. After months of meticulous planning, relentless collaboration, and strategic execution, the results of the SEO keyword focused “GitHub vs GitLab” project is still showing signs of winning.

Quantifying Success

As of today (according to SpyFu), the numbers are showing for the page:

  • Total Keywords Ranking: 96
  • Total Search Volume: 23.9k

Dominating the SERPs

Top rankings for several high-volume keywords:

  1. gitlab vs github
    • Volume: 8.1k
    • Position: 12
  2. github vs gitlab
    • Volume: 4k
    • Position: 8
  3. github vs bitbucket
    • Volume: 1.8k
    • Position: 6
  4. github or gitlab
    • Volume: 1.5k
    • Position: 9
  5. difference between github and gitlab
    • Volume: 660
    • Position: 13

Dominating Page 1

The coveted first page of search results:

  • github compare: Position 6
  • github vs: Position 6
  • devops tools comparison: Position 2

Beyond the Numbers

Yet, the success extends far beyond mere metrics. By strategically positioning GitHub as the go-to solution for developers, I had bolstered the brand authority, enhanced user engagement, and solidified GitHub’s position as an industry leader.

The lessons gleaned from the “GitHub vs GitLab” SEO project have become indispensable guiding principles that I carry with me into every subsequent endeavor, whether for clients or as a full-time employee. These insights emphasize the importance of thorough research, collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement. By understanding user intent, leveraging diverse perspectives, remaining agile in the face of challenges, and constantly refining strategies, I am equipped to navigate complexities and deliver exceptional results, ensuring success in every project I undertake.

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