Google Adwords is an online advertising and marketing platform that can be tailored to your advertising budget and marketing goals. But that doesn’t mean that it is easy to learn to use Google Adwords successfully! In fact, since you pay each and every time your brand or ad is displayed, you want to hit the ground running – especially if your budget for marketing and advertising is limited. The last thing you want to do is waste the money that you do have to spend on an ineffective Google Adwords campaign! This is where Jenn Mathews Marketing Consulting often enters the picture for companies just like yours.

What Companies Spend Annually on Google Adwords Advertising
Some big box retailers will spend in excess of $50 million per year just on Adwords advertising! The average smaller firm spends in the neighborhood of $120,000 per year on Adwords – or around $10,000 per month. In terms of cost, or pay per click (PPC), the least expensive clicks (when a customer clicks on your image or weblink) tend to cost between $1 and $2. The most expensive click-throughs can run you $50 and up just for a single click!

Why Hire a Pro to Manage Your Adwords Campaign?
Why hire a pro to design and run your Adwords campaign? This is an easy question to answer – because you want to know you will maximize your ROI, or “return on investment.” Whether your own advertising budget represents just a fraction of what the average small business spends or you are planning to go head-to-head with the big players, you want to see clear results for your advertising dollars spent.

As well, even though Google Adwords is billed as a self service advertising program, once you take even a short tour of how Adwords works with our Adwords expert, before long you will likely forget all thoughts of running your company’s Adwords campaign yourself. For most busy company owners and executives, running an Adwords campaign simply isn’t the best use of your valuable time. Here, outsourcing this function to an Adwords expert skilled in Adwords campaign development, management and analysis just makes good business sense.

Two Major Types of Adwords Campaigns
There are two basic paths you can take with your Google Adwords campaign. The first path is likely one you are already familiar with, because it is built on the goal of developing your basic brand recognition with your target customers. Here, your Adwords campaign is advertising your brand itself and the basic tenets your brand stands for.

The second path focuses in on getting a prospective customer to take a specific action. This type of campaign is typically called a “call to action” campaign. Here, your goal is much more focused than in the first path. A typical goal is to get your prospect to take action to purchase your company’s service or product.

While many companies want to strike an even balance between these two major types of Adwords campaigns, there are situations where it can make better business sense to focus on one or the other, such as in the case where you need to build brand trust before you can convert prospects into paying customers. This is what customizing your Google Adwords strategy is all about, and it can make the difference between failure and success in your advertising spends.

Getting Results with Google Adwords
With each campaign type, results hinge upon successfully managing three campaign components: cost of conversion, clickthrough rate (CTR) and quality score. The first component measures how much you pay each time a prospect does what you want them to do (for example, click to learn more about your brand or buy your product/service). The second component measures how often a prospect does what you want them to do when they see your ad. The third component measures the overall effectiveness of your advertising campaign over time.

Where the cost of conversion, clickthrough rate and quality score converge is a representation of how successfully you have spent your advertising budget through Google Adwords. While it is certainly possible on your own to gain a mastery of how each of the three components functions and how they interact, the amount time and study involved (as well as the trial and error, a necessary part of the learning curve that comes with a price tag attached) leads most companies to hire an adwords expert management company who can hit the ground running to maximize campaign results.

Choosing Your Adwords
In a nutshell, the “adwords” themselves are the keywords you select to run your campaign. As you might imagine, it can be tricky to strike just the right balance between general and specific keywords to gain the desired results. If your keywords are too general, you may not be able to bid as successfully for visibility in such a large pool of competing advertisers. However, if your keywords are too specific, they may literally leave out whole segments of your target customer base. As well, current best practices suggests selecting anywhere from five to 20 keywords per ad, which can be a tough target to successfully hit with so many keywords to choose from!

Here again, it sometimes just makes good sense to work with an adwords expert consultant who is skilled at honing in on results-rich keywords in your target market so you can skip the learning curve your competitors are still struggling through and start seeing results fast!

The Importance of Google Connections
From the outside looking in, Google itself often seems like an impenetrable fortress – more machine than human. But from the inside looking out, Google is a company like any other company, and is run by human beings just like us.

An experienced adwords management company will have the personal contacts within Google itself to be able to build and hone your campaign quickly – just by picking up the phone! These relationships take time and nurturing to develop, and represent a big part of the consulting service that ensures your Adwords campaign will be a success.

Working with Jenn Mathews Marketing Consulting
Jenn Mathews is a seasoned Google Adwords expert consultant with more than 15 years of Adwords and marketing experience. She works with both small and large companies to customize Google Adwords campaigns for specific business and marketing goals. Her Adwords expertise includes Google relationship building, tight Adwords performance monitoring, Adwords ad copy generation using dynamic keywords for fast results, and campaign performance reporting in real time.

When you choose to work with Jenn Mathews Marketing Consulting, you are bringing on a partner who has worked with more than 500 companies throughout the upper North West to design and execute successful ongoing Google Adwords campaigns. In addition to her expertise as a consultant, Jenn is also a successful entrepreneur who uses Google Adwords as a mainstay of her own advertising and marketing campaigns. Her expertise includes search engine optimization (SEO), responsive and dynamic web design, brand development, marketing strategy and campaign analysis.

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