Running a successful business today not only requires the ability to sell the products and services you have to offer, but you must also have various platforms to share and build your brand on. When you are planning to launch a start up company and you want to succeed, using free WordPress themes for the start-up is highly recommended. There are many different free themes from WordPress available that allow you to take your online presence to the next level, giving you a better reputation as a business and as a brand.

Why Use WordPress?

Using WordPress is highly recommended for all individuals and business owners looking to make a splash online by creating an online presence. WordPress is free to use whether you plan to profit from your website or if you are seeking an outlet to share personal thoughts, opinions and ideas on your own blog. Using WordPress is a way to ensure your website is fully-optimized for search engines by implementing search engine optimization throughout all of the pages you publish. You can also install various plugins to help your users navigate your site, stay in contact with you and even purchase goods or services right from your site without having to register or create an account on your website beforehand. You can find thousands of WordPress themes available today by searching the official WordPress theme gallery online or various online WordPress communities for resources.


avada_previewWe use Avada for all of our clients and encourage others to take advantage of this robust theme as well. It is completely responsive so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your website is mobile or tablet friendly. The custom theme options allow you to streamline your design to completely unique or just keep it basic if you’re not to sure about how to deeply edit in WordPress. You can add custom CSS and adding any tracking codes is easy to do. The Fusion editor makes it even easier to create beautiful layouts with it’s drag and drop feature copled with builder eleements that are simple plug and play from Facebook feeds to image thumbnails, custom blogroll feeds and so much more.


Imbalance is a free WordPress theme based on a grid setup which works well with all operating systems and browsers. Additionally, the theme contains WordPress 3.0 menu support along with a jQuery-based gallery and thumbnail support. If you want to showcase portfolio goods or if you want a way to display your content methodically, Imbalance may be the right theme for your new start-up. Using a grid setup is ideal if you have products or different images you want to showcase daily, giving your users fresh new content to browse immediately upon seeing your site. Grid layouts are ideal if you want your content, products or services to stand out more than any other features you have included in your site.


FolioGrid is another grid-based WordPress theme that provides the automatic resizing of thumbnails along with jQuery-based transitions throughout the entire theme. There are multiple templates and colors to choose from to get started once you install FolioGrid. Additionally, FolioGrid also includes a widget-enabled area for all of your widgets and plugins you want to implement into the site.


Aparatus is a WordPress theme that is ideal for bloggers or those running magazine-type websites for their start-ups. With Apparatus, it is simple to add new categories, pages and highlights that appear similar to traditional newspapers online today. You can also easily implement various social media tools and plugins to keep visitors coming back for more and current with your brand and what it has to offer. Using the Aparatus theme is ideal if you have news you want to share or if you are trying to build an online community of return visitors interested in reading your content. If you are simply trying to produce content and written work, Aparatus may be the ideal theme for your new start-up company.


Newspress is a magazine-styled theme that provides you with an expansive platform for editing, which is ideal if you have multiple categories of different types of content you want to publish. The theme includes typography management to easily switch fonts, back-end theme options and even built-in SEO (search engine optimization) options to keep your website within some of the most popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing. Using Newspress is ideal if you are not looking to sell products and services on your homepage, but instead you want to publish real content and information.

Knowing the types of WordPress themes you have available to choose from when you plan to launch a start up business can help to save you time and money while still giving your site a professional look. Because WordPress is free, it is ideal regardless of whether you are launching a local business, a company that is international or even a simply eCommerce store from home.

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