Many businesses are using WordPress for their very own website design and management, but not too many of us know that can serve as your hosting needs. In terms of hosting, WordPress comes in two flavors. First is and second is is both a company and website that run multiple WordPress blogs. Anyone can have a blog for free. is an organization and is downloadable and a self-hosted blog software. The person wishing to use it downloads it from the website and installs it on their hosting account. They are great for personal blogs if you want something for free and don’t mind a subdomain like There is a downside, however, in which you cannot use paid themes that give you more control over your design and you are limited in some of the features the full WordPress sites have to offer. If you spend just a bit more, you can pay for hosting and get a domain to point to your hosted site. Of course setting up a domain and hosting with host like Network Solutions using a one click install is much easier when setting up a WordPress site, but some prefer going right to the source.

Head to to set up your new blog and fill out the  information. Once you click the “Create Blog” your site is set up and ready start using!

All the search engines love the platform, and using WordPress makes it easy for business owners to manage and maintain their website themselves if they want to. Even for those paying someone to design a website for them, it is a lot less expensive to have a site designed with WordPress versus having a CMS site or static site created. This way, the business owner can then take over and make any updates and changes to the site themselves.

The good news about setting up a WordPress site with WordPress is that it’s easy to install, easy to maintain and it is easy to improve by using plugins and templates. This is exactly why businesses today are turning to WordPress to build their websites.

Now that your WordPress site is set up, you still will want to customize it with a Theme. WordPress has many Themes to choose from both free and ones you can pay for. Some are SEO friendly to give your site a boost when getting found on the search engines, and some are what they call “responsive” so that when a user views the site on a desktop, tablet or mobile device the site will always look it’s best no matter what the device.

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