I highly recommend registering a domain and setting up your hosting with Network Solutions. Why? Well I have used them for many years as I set up my very first domain with them in 1997, and have been using them since. They have their issues, just as any host does, but the interface and ability to manage the domain and the hosting account(s) have become very easy. So easy that I don’t ever have a need for technical support.

To set up hosting with the domain registration, you will want to go through the steps as you did when registering the domain on the Network Solutions website.

After you have:


1) Chosen Your Domain


2) Added it to Your Cart


3) Created Your Account


You will then have to choose what package you want:


Select the “Domain and Web Hosting” package and click “Continue”.

They usually offer a discount if you are registering the domain and setting up hosting, so if you can do this all at once, you’re best off. I recommend both domain and hosting, but don’t recommend the larger package(s) with marketing or any other bells and whistles they throw at you. Just Domain and Hosting – that’s all you will need.

You will be asked to select certain “add ons”. Select “none” or “no” for any of those extras they ask you for (Ex: Web Forwarding, Web Consultation, etc). It’s a bit of a pain to have to select each one, but there really is no need for any of them. Especially if you are setting up a WordPress site.

Network Solutions is a great place to manage your Domain and your Hosting. Their account management makes it easy to manage where your domain points to (your DNS settings), you can manage files on your hosting server with their file manager or through FTP, or you can host several sites with a shared hosting account allowing you to pay only for one hosting account, but point several domains to different directories (folders) within the server.


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