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Starting a New Business: Determining Legal Structure of New Business

When starting a business, you will want to know what form of business entity to establish whether it be a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, or Limited Liability Company (LLC). Your form of business will determine which income tax return form you will need to file each year.

Tumblr: Growing Into the Next Biggest Social Media Site

Whether you are a diehard Twitter user or you couldn't live without your Facebook account, the odds are highly in favor that in the next five to seven years, your social media platform will find itself bereft of the young and on the long, slow crawl to the social media graveyard where Friendster and Myspace [...]

FTP – What It Means, How to Find It, and How To Use It?

When you're working with tech professionals you may have heard the three letter acronym "FTP" thrown around. Simply put, it's an age old system of transferring files through the internet, but it can be so much more. We'll walk you through what FTP is and how to use an FTP program to transfer files. What [...]

Is your site ready for another Penguin Update?

The first Google Penguin algorithm update was unveiled in early 2012. The update represented Google's first attempt to filter out strategies to manipulate its search engine results. Today, Google continues to tweak and update the Penguin algorithm to better refine search engine results for it's users. The next Penguin algorithm is set to deploy before [...]

Google Search Results Now Include Tweets From Twitter

Earlier in May this year Google announced on their blog that they would begin integrating tweets into their mobile search results. Now, that same feature is being rolled out introduced to desktop search results as well. Searching for names, topics, or the titles of businesses will now bring up search results that include tweets made [...]

Privacy on Facebook

Facebook is hands-down the most popular social media platform ever created. It continues to take credit for nearly half of all social media-based user visits each day. However, the fact that Facebook is free to use doesn't mean there is no cost to users. Each time you log in, interact with those in your network, [...]

Server Codes

Whenever someone visits your website or a Googlebot crawls one of your webpages, a request is received by your server and it responds to the request with an HTTP status code. The status code provides web crawlers with information about the status of the request as well details about your website and the page requested. [...]

Google Plus Demographics

Many companies today are struggling with the decision of whether or not to use Google Plus for business marketing. Yes, the social network is connected with the giant Google, which seems to control practically everything these days. And yes, there are many, many users who have Google Plus profiles. But how valuable is using Google [...]

A Click Can Mean So Much, But It Does Not Mean Rankings

Click through rates (CTRs) have been a big debate in determining how easy a company is ranked in search engines. With the recent debate about CTRs not being a factor can raise a few eyebrows. Google’s search algorithms change hundreds of times per year; is this a new debate to question how one’s company should [...]

7 Keys to Marketing Successs Every Business Should Follow

The cornerstone of any successful business is its marketing. While things like a quality product and customer service are certainly important, marketing is what gives business owners the ability to reach customers in the first place. Marketing alone can determine whether a company succeeds or fails. With that in mind, below are seven keys to [...]

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: Data Visualization for Content Marketing

Modern people are fact hounds. We love collecting interesting data, and we trust hard numbers above all in a world filled with hyperbole. Data visualization makes data easy to access by turning data into an easily comprehended graphic. It is a valuable tool that should be a part of every content marketing strategy. Why does [...]

Setting up a New Business: Licenses and Permits

If your business is involved in activities supervised and regulated by a federal agency – such as selling alcohol, firearms, commercial fishing, etc. – then you may need to obtain a federal license or permit such as:[membership level="0"] [/membership] Agriculture Alcoholic Beverages Aviation Fish and Wildlife Commercial Fisheries Maritime Transportation Mining and Drilling [...]

The Story of the Website

The Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich In January of 2008, I was gainfully employed with one of the many technology corporations based in Redmond, WA (No it wasn't Microsoft). It was Concur Technologies, an expense management software company (you've probably used them while booking your business trip and/or filed your expenses). As you know, while working at companies [...]