SEO Tools Consultation

Is your team looking at onboarding new Enterprise #SEO tools, or are you wondering if your current tools are the best for your team?

Jenn offers a one-hour consultation at $100 to discuss the various tools available for enterprise-level organizations. If your team is content-heavy, then you’ll want to look at Brightedge or seoClarity. If you have an IC SEO that works with content and other marketing teams, then perhaps Conductor is the tool for you.

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Every company’s structure and focus differ, and Jenn has been through it all. Pick her brain, and she will help you get closer to the decision that best fits your org.

Jenn will also provide advice on how to work within your budget and use those tools to increase team efficiency. At the end of the day, it’s about making more money, and the right tools and team combination can make a difference.

The best part is: Jenn isn’t a salesperson for the tools you’re looking at… She’s a third party who is unbiased that has been in the role that you’re in now.

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