The success of any advertising campaign, whether it is the newspaper, television or the Internet depends upon attracting and keeping the attention of the potential customer. With a newspaper, this usually depended upon repetition. Run the ad repeatedly, with the hope that it will create a memory attached to the product.

Finally, keep in mind products sold on the Internet are not going to be purchased in person. Software, music, computer enhancements, electronic books, etc. will be downloaded. Some items will be picked up at a local outlet if available, but many orders will be placed online and will be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx and other carriers.

Thus, there are several things that have to happen.

• The ad has to tell a story. What is being sold and what will it cost? What services are being offered and how do I use then? Is there a warranty, and can I get a refund? All of these questions will not be answered on the first click.
• Next the ad has to be searchable. When a person goes to a search engine, he is going to type a word or series of words. They may add a location or even a desired price range to the search.
• Your ad has to be adaptable. Key words in the ad have to be decided. Your ad has to be manageable in that it can respond to any key word. If your company sells computers, then the word “computer” is a key word. Each brand is a key word. Terms like desktop, laptop, tablet, touch screen, and others all become keywords that have to show up in your ad as the consumer defines his search parameters.
• Next, consider the details of prices and availability. Retail outlets need a way to connect the shopper with the nearest store. Manufacturers have to have shipping information available. Payment methods have to be decided. The opportunity must exist to add on accessories, backup supplies, and related items.

The use of keywords can be changed to match the initial query of multiple groups of customers visiting the same company for different items. Some want to purchase touch screen computers while older customers may just need a simple ink-jet printer.

This leads to another almost obvious but important step. It is necessary to prioritize your creative optimization efforts. This means, start with the biggest potential group of customers and use these methods to reach them. From there, work down to the smaller niche groups that use your products or services.

So in summary, there are several steps to take to increase your results from advertising clicks.

As with all advertising, the axiom of keeping it simple applies to the Internet. There may be some details that have to be explained before the final sale, but first you have to get the customer in the door, or in the case of the Internet, on your site. Your advertising copy should be enticing, direct, and easy to understand. In other words, keep it simple.

Always design your copy to adapt to the keywords that are attracting the customer. This is known as dynamic keyword insertion.

As with any business, the success of your program needs to be measured. There are tools, which can do this automatically and identify with an ad concept that had the best response. However, do not remove the human element from the analysis. Check and find out the reasons that particular day was such a good day. Was there some outside force driving demand for your product? Did a competing business shut its doors? There are many variables. It is just as important to keep track of these as it is to keep track of your inventory and advertising efforts.

With this method, a business may have five different keywords that would attract five unique demographic profiles. Based on the search query, your ad copy can adjust itself to feature items identified by a particular keyword.

What works on a full-size computer may not be suitable for a search on a mobile device such as a smart phone. This requires that you run dual campaigns. One is aimed at the desktop or laptop user. The other is aimed at the smart phone and tablet user. When reaching out to this audience, be sure that your keywords and links send them to the areas that are designed for mobile devices.

Scrolling up and down, and shifting left and right will not win many friends or influence many people. Just like some people no longer use land lines in their homes, some people depend on their mobile device for everything and spend very little time at a full-size computer.

Next, be sure to use ad extensions. The extension will lead customers to other germane areas of your site, without losing the link to your home site.

Finally, review your copy regularly to keep it relevant and up to date. If an item is not selling, find out why. Does the competition have something better or is he just doing a superior job of marketing it?

At one time, almost anyone could build a website. Today, building websites are more complex. Therefore, make sure your site is constructed and maintained by someone who understands the importance of these tools and how they relate to your business.

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