Selecting the right SEO agency for your enterprise can be challenging, especially considering the complexity of enterprise-level SEO requirements. With numerous agencies claiming expertise in optimizing websites according to Google’s algorithms, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are genuinely knowledgeable and avoid those that rely on spam or deceptive tactics.

The author shares their experience of having worked both as a consultant for various enterprises and as part of an SEO agency that rapidly grew in size and clientele. They emphasize the importance of setting clear expectations during the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to distinguish capable agencies from others. Drafting a business case in collaboration with the agency and defining your specific SEO needs and long-term plans is also recommended. This will help filter out agencies and ensure alignment with key stakeholders.

The article suggests several ways to find enterprise SEO agencies. The author personally maintains a list of agencies based on their performance and recommendations from others in the industry. Seeking referrals from SEO professionals on social media platforms or attending industry conferences can also provide insights and recommendations. During the agency review process, it’s beneficial to have one-on-one discussions to gauge how well agencies understand your expectations. Additionally, involving key teams within your organization in the review process can save time and provide a holistic perspective.

The article highlights the distinctive traits of enterprise SEO agencies. These agencies tend to focus on more complex issues, understanding that there may be business reasons behind certain SEO choices. They consider the effort required to fix issues and are open to feedback from the internal SEO team. Moreover, enterprise agencies recognize the higher level of engagement needed for larger companies and proactively communicate with their clients. The author personally values agencies that have a local presence or make frequent in-person visits, as it enhances communication and collaboration.

Effective management of the SEO agency is crucial. Maintaining open lines of communication and providing the necessary tools and access for success are emphasized. Clear expectations, deliverables, and regular check-ins with the agency help ensure progress and accountability. The author recommends ending each quarter with a comprehensive report on completed tasks and the return on investment (ROI) for projects undertaken several months prior. Finding the right balance of communication, adjusting expectations as needed, and periodically reviewing the contract contributes to a successful partnership between the enterprise and the SEO agency.

In conclusion, selecting the right enterprise SEO agency requires a thorough evaluation process, clear communication, and alignment of expectations. Enterprises can achieve their SEO goals and maximize the agency’s expertise by establishing a solid partnership, providing necessary support, and maintaining regular communication.

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