Social media has gone from basic location updates to a full-form advertising platform for both small and large businesses. Images are made and broken through social media, allowing consumers to interact with you directly from all walks of life. When you first break into social media marketing for your company, you must follow a smart social media marketing plan to get your goals accomplished and profits rolling in.

Detail Your Plan

Write your plan out, from selecting your first social media platform to adding a weekly blog. Although the plan may change as time progresses, a clear path is critical for all workers to concentrate on.

Goals And Objectives

Start with one social media outlet. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Posts need to have impact so concentrate on one platform to truly make a name for yourself.

Target Audience

Social media is all about pinpointing your market. From college-age students to new mothers, you need to plan your target audience. Choose the platform that serves that group best.


Your plan needs some flexibility to see what works for your audience when determining your social media marketing plan. Experiment with different posts and examine the analytics. Blogs, videos and status updates vary in their usefulness, depending on the industry.

New Business

Detail products and services in your plan to generate new business. Your audience may not be aware of your niche, creating an opportunity for large profit increases.

Established Business

Entice your current customers with interesting facts, coupons and details about their favorite products or services. You want them to feel involved with the business to bring them back as active consumers or users.

Execute Plan

Delegate specific parts of the social media marketing plan to your employees. Cover all aspects of the plan to form a deadline. You want the platform up and running efficiently as soon as possible.

Online Presence

Link your social media platform to your traditional website. Drive traffic to your website whenever possible. You want customers to relate your updates and comments to the product or service at all times.

Set Up An Online Profile

Fill in the social media’s online profile completely. Even add extra information for sales purposes. Customers that question your business will look elsewhere for their needs.

Establish Voice

Serious, witty or funny voices are great selections for your social media interaction, based on your business. A medical device update should have a serious tone, whereas a funny t-shirt design business can be funny and clever.

Schedule Updates

Social media needs to be constantly updated. At the very least, update once a day. However, there should be constant banter on one or more sites to truly utilize the advertising platform.

Budget For Advertising

You will need to pay for some advertising, from an ad in Facebook to promoting a tweet on Twitter. Research and budget yourself accordingly to prevent surprises.

Support Channels

Consider adding icons to your website to cross-reference your social media support channels. When you update, you’ll also add new information to your website. If you have more than one social media platform, you’ll update your website constantly for better search engine results.


Consider adding video to your updates. Use YouTube, or other video outlet, to harness even more customers. Visualizing a product or service in action gives customers a real-life demonstration. Link or add any videos to your website for consistent traffic.


If you are not sure what to write on your updates, hire a third-party to update tweets, blogs and updates for you. With professional writers, they can create top-notch content to entice customers to buy your items.


Social media keeps you in touch with customer’s questions and comments. Answer them with educated information about products and their uses. Improvements customers suggest can be taken to the design table later on.


Ask questions of your customers through social media. Start a conversation about a product or a related news item. People are naturally social, making a conversation about your product a perfect platform for sales and profits.

Planning, implementing and continuing with your social media marketing plan is the best way to see significant customer results. Staying in contact with customers makes them feel important, prompting them to purchase your brand exclusively.

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About the Author: Jennifer Mathews