Connecting with your customers is vital when you are writing sales copy, and you must use a proven system to create the sales copy. Sales copy that speaks to your customer base will help you increase sales, but you cannot connect to the customer base when you are not writing specifically for them. Your business depends on beautiful content, and you can create beautiful content after you follow each of the five steps below.

#1: You Need A Hook Or A Slogan

Your business needs a hook or slogan that will capture the attention of your customers. A slogan is a single phrase that says everything your customers need to know about your business. Select a short sentence that will sound good when you said after the name of your company. The hook is a phrase that you can use in all your written materials.

#2: Build Up To The Climax

A good article does not sound good unless you are building up to the conclusion. The conclusion of the article is going to be the line that you use to sell your customers. Slowly build up in your language as you get close to the end. Someone reading the article will keep reading to ensure that they get all the information. The build up should include some background on your products, and you should tell your customers that there is a story about your product coming up.

#3: Brand Your Business

The brand that you present to the public should be easy to recognize, and your customers should see that your brand is associated with the one service that you offer. Every person who is reading your articles must get a very clear picture of what your business is about. You may talk about yourself, your staff or your company, but you must talk to your customers about what your business’s mission is. A mission is more important than the products you create, and you will help your customers understand why shopping with you is the best decision they can.

#4: Offer A Solution

Your product should be a solution to a problem. You must present a problem to your customers that can be solved with your products, and you must continually solve the problem during the article. Your customers will see your product as the solution they need, and you will help them come around to purchasing your products. The scenarios you create for your articles may be real or fictitious, but you must create a scenario that makes your product the right purchase for the moment.

#5: Always Be Closing

This is a popular line from a movie, and this is the only way to get your customers to buy. Customers need to hear a closing statement that is going to push them to purchase from your business when the article is finished. You are not asking your customers to consider the products. You are telling your customers that your products are the only good solution to their problem. Show your customers why your products are the best choice, invite them to make a purchase and link to the page where a purchase can be made.

Writing for a captive audience is easy, but you must make choices that will create articles customers enjoy. Customers who keep reading your articles are more likely to buy from you, and customers who are intrigued by what they read will take the closing seriously. Writing sales copy is not the same as selling to a customer in the flesh, but you can get very close when you follow the steps above.

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