Customers are the most important parts of a business because they are the ones who make sales and prosperity increase. A business that wants to increase its sales numbers and customer numbers will want to first give people reasons to stop and shop. The key is to get customers to listen. If people hear a company’s message, they will respond by performing a desired action like buying a product or service. Business owners can get customers to perform other acts such as leaving positive comments and referring their friends and family members if they treat them right. The following are five things a business can do to get customers to listen:

1. Say it Loud

Most people scream when they feel as though no one is listening to them. They may scream in a little sense or do something drastic that causes someone to look back. Businesses have their own way of “screaming,” and they can do it whenever they feel that business is scarce. A business can scream by using large campaigns and promotions. It can scream by advising potential customers of the best products and services that it has to offer, as well.

2. Convince the Customer That He or She Is Getting a Deal

Customers listen to three words more than any other words that pertain to business transactions: free, deal and discount. All businesses that use the terms are extremely successful. Consumers have so many choices of the products and services they can obtain that they often need additional incentive to choose one company over the next. A successful business will always make the consumer believe that he or she is receiving something free.

3. Align With Customers by Telling Stories

Storytelling helps salespersons and marketing specialists to foster customer alignment. Customers can relate to people who tell stories and share experiences that are similar to theirs. They may react the same way that the storyteller reacted in his or her story, as well. All business persons should incorporate storytelling into their strategies.
4. Avoid Speaking Gibberish

Customers like to hear clear-cut, understandable information that they can use to make business decisions. They do not want to hear slick talk or irrelevant banter. Personnel should stick with business jargon, but they should also keep the jargon simple and enticing.

5. Explain Complex Ideas Thoroughly

One thing that frustrates a customer more than most things is a half explained concept. Business persons should explain complex ideas thoroughly so that people know what they are signing up for when they sign on the dotted line. A business person will want to be thorough while explaining the features and benefits of what the company has to offer, as well. Finally, the business person will want to ask the customer questions to ensure that he or she fully understands each concept that was explained.

Businesses can get their customers to listen if they use one or several of the above-mentioned strategies. Those customers will perform positive actions once they listen to the strategies.

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