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The Domain name is the that users will type in (or will most likely show up in the search results). If you haven’t thought of one yet, throw some ideas around and come up with 3-5 that you really like. Chances are your first pick won’t be available, so it’s good to have some back up. If you’re focusing on making sure you get rankings in the search engines it’s not a good idea to focus on getting keywords in your domain name. In your URLs later (ex:, yes, but with Google’s latest updates to fight spam websites, they have filtered out sites that have keywords in the domain (such as Sometimes coming up with something around your business is best, or just your simple business name if you can.

Head to Network Solutions and start typing in your domain ideas and see what is available.


If the domain is available, simply click the “Add to Cart” button and start your domain registration process.

Network Solutions will ask you to create a new account. Your email address you choose will be the one that all communications regarding your new site and domain will be sent to. You can change this later, so if you want an email with your new domain (for example:, then you can use that later.


You will then be asked what package you would like to select. I personally recommend setting up your Domain and Hosting together, but if you have hosting elsewhere, or would like to use another host, then click “Continue” under the “Domain” package.

As you can see, setting up a domain with Network Solutions is very easy, and can be quite affordable. The Account Management for Network Solutions is also very easy to navigate and offer all sorts of features at your fingertips. So changing where your Domain points to (Your DNS settings) is also very easy to manage, and happens fairly quickly.

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