It’s not every day you hear mobile marketing strategies compared to dating. Yet there’s almost no better metaphor to illustrate the practices and mindsets that, when implemented, can help successfully boost your mobile presence.

After all, you’re looking to build long-term, committed relationships with your cliental. Why not take a leaf out of dating lingo? You may find you’ve just stumbled onto a marketing match made in heaven.

Compatibility is key
With an abundant amount of mobile devices out there, customers will be accessing your brand across a number of platforms. You’ll therefore need to keep mobile compatibility at the tip-top of your mind.

The last thing you need is a busy, error-ridden, or poorly designed mobile template. This is one of the easiest means for a new browser to disregard your site, as you can bet there are 100 others out there much cleaner than yours.

Test your site’s aesthetic and user-friendly compatibility on iPhones, Androids, tablets, and even laptops. Ensure layout is sleek, information up-to-date, text is readable and fits entirely on the screen, and scrolling is always vertical. Tweak and tidy hear and there when you see any issues, and your site will register favorably with just about anyone, anywhere.

Dump the long-distance relationship
Hyperlocalization is one of the hottest mobile marketing trends right now. And it makes sense. When research indicates most shoppers pull out their wallets within a familiar, 10-mile radius of their home, it’s in your best interest to keep it in the neighborhood.

By operating algorithmic technology that initially sounds like it may give you headache (data analytics, IP geographical location, streamlined satellite check-ins and processing), hyperlocalization allows you to target mobile devices directly in your registered area. It also allows relevant and personalized info to reach cliental – never a bad thing in today’s data-soaked world. This means your next customer could literally be around the corner.

Incentivize locals with special deals and coupons based on their nearby range. Set up loyalty rewards when they check in or interact with your mobile platform – particularly with likes, comments, and shares. Use real-time promos to attract even further followings. These are all effective ways to build a committed client relationship.

Don’t be anyone’s sloppy seconds
Keywords are the pulse of your mobile presence, the heartbeat which gives your site SEO advantages to stand above the masses. Don’t allow yourself to fall second, third, or any farther down the list on search engine selections.

Keyword strategies go well beyond traditional content marketing. They have pertinent crossover with mobile marketing techniques as well, from incorporating local hits and cues into your content (remember hyperlocalization?) to small, coined phrases that can be easily remembered. You always want to keep keywords small, fresh, and catchy, employed in smart doses that uphold your brand.

Give ’em their space
A loyal follower is a loyal follower. There’s no need to bombard your base with relentless emails, notifications, and updates – they’ll figure most of that stuff out on their own time, through their own clicks. Trust us, a little breathing room is good for everyone.

Try having a feature where customers can select subscription schedules. Three times a week? Once? Every other Sunday? It may sound scary at fist to not have your brand plastered out as much as you desire, but research indicates these kinds of personalized tools keep your clients feeling you’re a brand that works for them, not the other way around. There’s simply no need to hover to build a healthy client relationship.

While the mobile-marketing world is expansive and ever changing, there’s no reason to fall out of the game. Like any good romantic relationship, a balance needs to be built, one with a give-and-take, mutually beneficial attitude. Keeping this in mind will have your mobile site the hottest date in town.

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About the Author: Jennifer Mathews