Google’s algorithm feature, neural matching, aims to make Google even more versatile than it already is. Google is always coming up with new ways to deliver more informative and comprehensive search results. With numerous updates in 2018, it only stands to reason that more are on the way. SEO professionals are tasked with developing and implementing new techniques and strategies to help users find the information, products, and services they look for.

Analyzing the Impact of Google Neural Matching

Neural matching is considered a “super synonym” system. RankBrain, another algorithm change, relates pages to concepts even if those pages may not contain the words used in a search query. As covered in my article on Search Engine Journal, content producers have to be careful not to stuff synonyms into their content though. Otherwise, Google may ding the content and lower the page rank.

The way to guard against any algorithm change is to build websites, create SEO campaigns, and write content in a way that makes it all relevant, informative and shareable. As always, Google makes the user experience a top priority. Its AI algorithm takes a big step toward helping its search engine understand the real meaning of queries. The goal is to return better search results.

Go Deeper in Your Content

Trying to crack Google’s algorithm code is quite the challenging task even for seasoned marketers. However, a seasoned SEO advisor has gained the expertise and knowledge to know where the Algorithm is headed, to anticipate its next move, and to design the SEO campaigns and strategies that best complement the “user” experience. After all, it would be impossible for Google engineers and scientists to create, or tweak, their algorithm without the same goal in mind.

The best advice is to have a passion for your topic and brand. Then place yourself on a personal mission to provide exceptional depth for your content. There’s a likelihood your content will improve in rankings. Keep this kernel of wisdom in mind for your entire website, as well as blogs. Top quality content is the kind that other websites and marketers are willing to link to. Inbound links is an entire conversation within itself.

As a Seattle SEO consultant and an enterprise SEO expert, my job is to help clients clarify their marketing strategies in such a way that I can help them build websites, develop analytics, and produce content that addresses how users search and what users really want to find. This allows me to work in tandem with Google’s algorithm at any stage of its development. It means my clients will always be on the right track, regardless of where the Google train is headed.

Partner with a Pro

The benefits of being an SEO freelancer is the experience gained from advising broad markets. The Google neural effort is its latest tool. Your company, large or small, should pay close attention to what Google neural implies and demands for sites to rank well. It is all about the user experience, and it always will be.

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