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3004, 2006

The Story of the SavetheBreakfastSandwich.com Website

The Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich In January of 2008, I was gainfully employed with one of the many technology corporations based in Redmond, WA (No it wasn't Microsoft). It was Concur Technologies, an expense management software company [...]

1908, 2013

Setting Up a WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin

If your web server has phpMyAdmin installed, you will need to create a WordPress username and database using the following steps. If a database relating to WordPress does not already exist in the Database dropdown [...]

501, 2014

Setting up a New Business: Licenses and Permits

If your business is involved in activities supervised and regulated by a federal agency – such as selling alcohol, firearms, commercial fishing, etc. – then you may need to obtain a federal license or permit [...]

2302, 2015

What is a Canonical Tag?

Perhaps you have a website that you want to optimize for the best possible placement in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Or, maybe you're new to learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and you're [...]

103, 2015

Social Media is…

A relationship built on conversations through social media channels to establish a strong community around your brand/product.

603, 2015

Social Media Tools – Top 5

Our team has been allowed the unique opportunity to get to know some of the most impressive social media marketers in the industry, and as a result we have come to know the most impressive [...]

703, 2015

SEO Checklist – Focusing on Social Media

As some of you know I teach a beginner to advanced SEO Workshop. One of the most asked for items in my talk is the SEO Checklist I have developed just for the Workshop. Obviously there [...]

803, 2015

Why Social Media?

Despite the latest growing popularity in social media marketing, many businesses still ask the question "Why social media?". The most simple answer is that if a company isn't managing their social media, then their customers will [...]

1003, 2015

Is a Blog social media?

This is a classic case for why we started Jenn Mathews Consulting. While typically blogs are recommended for search engine optimization because of their keyword rich, content abundant, frequently updated nature because of commenting and [...]

1303, 2015

Building a Social Media Community

The staff at Jenn Mathews Consulting use a system for social media marketing called the A.L.I.V.E. system. A majority of our clients have created their Facebook page and Twitter account, but haven't really done much with [...]

1503, 2015

Social Media 101

Social media is everywhere - not just online, but extending to mobile, gamine, and generally prevalent in all our user groups. It’s about engaging in conversations within an online community. Social media isn't just for [...]

2003, 2015

Google’s April 21st Deadline

...if your site is not optimized for cross-platform usage or ignores mobile users altogether, the drop in rankings could be huge. Sites with mobile-friendly optimization will receive precedence in mobile search engine rankings, edging your site out and reducing or eliminating the chances of mobile users finding your company.... With the new Google algorithm less than a month away from being deployed, webmasters should examine their sites as soon as possible to ensure compliance. If your site does not meet the requirements, M25.co has a dedicated team of responsive design professionals who can not only correct the problem but help make your site more flexible and user-friendly to a broader range of devices. For more information on how we can help make your website better and more compliant for this or future search engine updates.

2303, 2015

How to use Social Media

Many companies are wondering how to use social media for marketing purposes. They've seen other companies with their Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts, but most don't quite know what to do with them. We're going [...]

2004, 2015

How not to be fooled by WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a great system for publishing, not the least because its open source nature means that anyone can code up a plugin that extends the functionality of the basic software. These plugins are perfect [...]

1106, 2015

Mobile Marketing is Like Dating

It's not every day you hear mobile marketing strategies compared to dating. Yet there's almost no better metaphor to illustrate the practices and mindsets that, when implemented, can help successfully boost your mobile presence. After [...]

2606, 2015

Mobile and Panda in 2015… oh my!

Ever since Google's Panda first "broke" the internet in 2011, the Google search engine algorithm has continued to make waves. With an initial goal to improve search engine results by filtering out low value websites, [...]

1007, 2015

Adwords Expert

Google Adwords is an online advertising and marketing platform that can be tailored to your advertising budget and marketing goals. But that doesn't mean that it is easy to learn to use Google Adwords successfully! [...]